Thursday, July 23, 2009

Carrie's party and Grandma Jeanie's campout

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Carrie and I had a party. She invited her friends for a potluck and I invited my trail riding friends. We had so much good food and fellowship. Mike and Deanie came and Kirk and Lacey Fay were here. Lacey was here all day Saturday her Aunt Carrie
was watching her while she made my home presentable.

We had 3 trail rides in all. One in the afternoon and one at dusk until dawn. ( No I am kidding about that) but it was very late and very dark.
We had another ride on Sunday morning.

We had one incident on the sand bar. One mule and one horse decided to roll in the sand. We have a picture of Tom bringing Tammy's mule back to her. Everyone thought it was funny,
everyone that is that their mule or horse did not roll in the sand.

Crazy mule lady and Tammy made us wonderful food in their charcoal Dutch Ovens and
everyone brought something for the potluck and Mike grilled the brats. Deanie brought the
best cupcakes I have ever eaten and I made an upsidedown pineapple cake.

We had another meal and by 3 pm the only ones left here was Grandma Jeanie and her dog
cat, and two mules.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Quiche

You are all invited to my kitchen for a Sunday

Brunch. I am trying to keep up with my
Granddaughter, Mia, as she is always
cooking up something or other in her kitchen.

Love you all Have a great Day

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Turn me loose and I can Fly

This is a progress report of sorts. I never thought I could make it on my own without my beloved
soulmate, but life does go on.

My work is going well. The garden is thriving and so am I. I have a surplus of weeds, but it is
balanced by the lovely wild flowers on our CRP project. The hayfields are productive and by
Fall my barn will be full.

I have my Missouri Foxtrotter mare home again in foul to a Jack. Next spring we will have a baby mule.

A new grandson on the way. I saw his picture in the womb yesterday. A boy. Big ears, big feet
and a beautiful picture of his hands folded together. I love him already. His eyes were wide open.

My truck, which glen loved to drive so well, has all new tires and the trailer too. All those
new tires give me added confidence. I have reservations at the horse camp for the end of July.
That is at Farmington Iowa if anyone out there wants to join me I have 3 animals to ride.

I plan on a trip to Missouri to ride last week of October.

We are having a party next Saturday night. You all are invited. Also a trail ride Sunday morning.

My granddaughter Mia and I are planning a trip to South America. Argentina to be exact.
That would be in 2010. This is really only a plan. Anticipation is half the fun.

I am cruising to Alaska next month thanks to my sister Mary Ann and Chris.

I have lost Nana the dog twice lately. She is afraid of storms. I leave her in the house
with the door locked, but when she jumps on the handle the door opens and out she goes.
Then she is terrified and hides somewhere and won't come out. I looked for two hours
yesterday, started the diesel, which she always comes running to go camping; did not work.
Called Kirk. He looked for her around town. Finally 3 hours after the rain storm here she
comes. A total mud ball. She must have been under a building somewhere. I guess I will
have to tie her up in the house. She can be so destructive when she is scared. We put her in
our horse trail once when the trailer was new during a storm and she tore up all the wall covering of faux leather. Ripped it to pieces. Love that dog.

I am working this weekend. Taking care of the residents is good therapy for me a person
who has been a caregiver since birth. Helping and watching my siblings as my poor mother
worked and worked and worked. Love you all

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Very Different July 4th 2009

All good things seem to come to an end. Every since I was a small child I have gone to Bussey on
July 4th. Starting in the early 1960's Glen and I rode our horses in the Bussey parade and the
last year was 2008. We rode bicycles with grandkids in two and my little kids even walked one
year and we won first prize of 7 dollars.

I could not face the challenge of riding by myself without my soulmate this year. I choose
another trail. I went to Farmington, Iowa, right next to Shimek State forest equestrain
trails. It is a great horse camp with entertainment(dancing) lots of people I know slightly
and every one is friendly. My friend and I went on Thursday driving our rigs. I had the
great experience of a blowout on the trailer. That was exciting. I was actually crossing a
bridge on highway 63 looking at the back tire on the trailer in the mirror and I saw it
blow out before I heard it. It was almost impossible to find enough room to get off the road
and the traffic was so heavy. I have changed a blow out before on the trailer with Glen in
October and my friend came back and she has done it before as well. We had that changed
in just a few minutes and back on the road. We think we are ready to be in the pits at
Knoxville raceway. We were packing up and a big trailer puller up. The man said they
were going to the rodeo in Bloomfield and did we need help. He said horse people had
to help each other. We thanked him, but we were fine. I just got back on the Road and
Tom Rabideau called me as he met us on the road. I told him he was a lucky fella he did not
have to change a tire. His bride, Tammey, advised me where to buy a spare in Bloomfield
and we had 10 minutes to spare before they closed for the holiday. I got the tire put on for
$23 only in Iowa.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy Mule Lady and Grandma Jeanie on the trail

Deb and I rode the Island trails yesterday and we will again today. The flowers are lovely on the property. Full of birds, Turkey, Deer, and coyotes. I even say a rabbit which is unusual. The pheasants are gone, because of the flood last year.

HAPPY JULY 4th. 2009