Saturday, April 25, 2009


As I stand alone on this rainy Saturday
making a rhubarb cobbler and listening to Public Radio I feel as alone as if
I was in the middle of the Sahara
Desert knowing that I will never
have another drink of water.

Glen planted the trees and the rhubarb.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well I did it and I lived to tell the story.
I drove to Ottumwa and back to have my Jenny mules teeth worked on. She has problems with her teeth that makes it a mystery why she is still here. No one else could help us but Dr Lapp in Ottumwa
County has good teeth which I am not surprised to hear.
Tom is leading the mules trying to bring them back after anesthesia so we
can load them and go home.
Tom helped me with the mysteries about trailer brakes and air ride. I have always slept through all of that as it was not my job. I never learned and
never cared about any of it as Glen was in control and I was just on for the ride.
I drove all the way in head winds and turned around in the parking lot. I never could have done it alone. Tom Is my best friend ever and he is getting married very soon. Glen loved him and always said he was one of the best friend we ever had.
Tom said I was a truck driver now and good to go.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Kirk planted 450 trees this morning.
He is incredible when it comes to planting trees. On Saturday it was
raining off and on and he planted 50
with the help of Lacey who is two
years old.
We will have to plant again next year to make up for the flood of 2008. It
may take another year.
The wild flowers are coming up all over. There are turkeys, quail, and phesants on the property. It is great for wild life. There are so many birds and a lot of them will nest in the grasses on the ground.
Grandpa Glen was missed. He has always been the boss on all of these
projects. It is hardly believable that we did a good job. Time will tell.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is my first Spring when it was my responsibility to mow the lawn.
Trim the Grapes and berry plants. Plant the garden. Take care of the
government project there are two of them, plus the hay fields. There was
a flood last year so we have to replant trees. 500 this Spring and more
next year. We reseeded the hay field last Fall.

I have been working on the electric fence and Kirk put in a corner post for
the lot where the mules are safe when I am gone. It was quite a job as the old
Rail Road Tie had rotted off and was a least 3 or 4 feet in the ground to be
dug up. It looked impossible to me, but Kirk said "we can do it" meaning
of course that he could do it.

Yesterday, Friday, We planted onion sets and shallots. We have a row ready for peppers.

It rained today and we could not go forward with our plans for a mass
planting of trees. Kirk and Lacey planted 50 in about an hour before they
were rained out. Kirk said the truck was sliding sideways before they got
off the Island.

I planted Romaine lettuce and basil yesterday. I really know a lot about
gardening as I grew up with it, but I left it all up to Glen as that was the
easiest thing to do and I always have other things to do.

I did drive the diesel truck to Oskaloosa on Friday. My next challenge
will be parking lessons. A friend is a driver for Hy Vee and he has
volunteered or his wife has encouraged him to give me lessons on Wednesday. On Tuesday I am driving the mules to the Vet in Ottumwa for
a dental check up. Those old mules have issues with their teeth like we
do, except if they can't chew they are in big trouble.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Some of my friends this weekend
Wonderful fun and joy to be outside
doing what we love to do

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Driving the Truck with Camper with Mules in the Trailer

Well I have put my life on the line and made a camping reservation at
Stephens State Forest Equestrian. Now I will have to drive the truck
100 miles round trip. I never thought this day would happen in my life
time. I will let you all know if this actually takes place.

In fact I made two reservations. Mia and Joe and children are tent
camping with me at least part of the time. The dates are June 19 and 20
if any of you would like to join us.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Landscaping 101

Well yesterday Kirk said it was time to start cleaning up the property.
Our front yard is covered with dead limbs etc from ice storms past.
Kirk was standing by the mail box looking at the project and Rick
Mennard pulled up. He is a good friend and I had not seen him all winter.
He had his chain saw with him and he made quick work of the broken
limbs and dead trees and brush. Kirk said "Dad must have lookied down
on us and decided it was a job for Rick and the chain saw".

Later I went to a farm storm. When Glen left us all the lawn and garden tools were broken or worn out or lost. Or he took them with him.
Buying that sort of stuff is like a trip to China. One Hundred dollars
later I left the store with rakes leaf and garden. Grass seed for the pasture wild flower packets. I have never landscaped or gardened. I have a good
teacher with Kirk

Friday, April 3, 2009

Trail Riding

I am going trail riding one week from Sunday and there will be pictures of
mules ditch diving. Hang on

Camping Crew

Sundance, Micole, and Skyler.
They took Grandpa and Grandma camping
for many years.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Married for two hours and the rest of their life

This was the reception entrance. I was the honorary Grandmother. Much love. They are on their honeymoon now in the

Dominican Republic

Guess the season

Wouldn't we all love to see this again.