Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at the Ranch

A few pictures from our weekend. Deb put all of hers on Face book. We had quite a time.It all started on Thursday when Crazy Mule Lady, (Deb), Tammy(soon to be wed) and I in my new truck went to Des Moines on a Shopping Extravaganza.

Crazy Mule Lady's husband told her she needed something to keep the "two from floppin" when she was loping her mule. She knew where they had great bras Victoria's Secret. Deb bought two Sexy Girl bras. When Deb has something on her mind it is no Secret.

We started out Friday hearing all about those new bras. It was not very long and the straps broke on one side letting her down. I gave her one of mine to wear as it was an emergency.
Now she is going to the shop and tell them she need something to keep two boulders from flopping over her shoulders.

Anyway on the ride we had a boob shoot of us wearing the same bra. It scared the mules a bit and if I posted the pictures Wachol Bra com. may sue us.

We had a great time. We did night riding times two and all day times three. Most of the property is reclaimed strip mine turned to fields and lots of gob piles left and water holes and ponds to keep any ditchdivers supremely happy. The Whip per Wills were in great voice. Almost could keep you awake at night.

I forgot some of my food and Kirk and Lacey brought it out to us. Deb has some cute pics of her feeding the mules on facebook. Deb is riding my Black mule County.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Cats hate going to the Vet or anywhere in the carrier.!!! On the spur of the moment I decided that today was the only day I could take the cat and dog to the vet. We had quite a circus going.
Nana finally treed the cat on the piano and I tried to put him in the box. The dog was barking and the cat resisted and rested his sharp little teeth on my wrist. So now I have to go to the doctor as well.

Nana had her teeth cleaned and they both had various shots a total of 183 dollars. I had just
spent a bunch on the mules getting them updated. I keep all my receipts and if I start thinking about a cute little dog or cat I see at the shelter pictures and on TV I just get those paid up bills and look them over.

Marco Polo is on probation and Nana and I are both on Augmentin. Thanks for listening

They do not like going to the Vet!!!!!!!! I was trying to put the cat in the box and Nana was
barking because we had been looking for the cat and Nana had him treed on the piano.
I was so stupid I did not have leather gloves on or my wrist leathers and the cat bit me a
good one. Five holes in all on the right and one on the left. Now who is going to the Doctor?
Grandma Jeanie thats right.

Marko Polo is on probation.

ps I still love him



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100 Days

It has been 100 days since Glen left this world as we know it. I trust he is in a better place free of the dreaded cancer that plagued his male family members.


The new reality is I am on my own. I cry and sob every single morning and sometimes all day long. Another reality is I am getting along remarkably well. I have taken the challenges of driving my own rig and working and coming and going alone. I have even gone dancing which is something I have never done alone in my life.

My garden is thriving. There are a lot of weeds on the property. I put them in the category of
will it make any difference in 10 years. That solves quite a few problems.

The children have been supportive. Kirk has had time to help me get going, but he is working all the time now. Lacey still asks "where is Grandpa Glen, I want to see him". This makes me cry
every time.

I traded my car in on a pickup truck that I can pull my horse trailer with if I am not going camping. I have never had to deal on anything like that before. Who knows if I got a good deal or not. I sure don't I just have to have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gretta'a Here

Gretta surprised us and came to Harvey to stay over night and go to Tulip Time.

Lacey Faye stayed with her overnight. Lacey was so thrilled and all she could talk about was this is my sister.

Gretta had tried before to get close to Lacey, but she wasn't ready yet to have a sister. She is ready now. Gretta brought a friend with her and Lacey liked him as well.
So did I.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ron's Baby

This is a one day old Molly Mule. So far
her only name is Ron's Baby.

See more mule baby's on Crazy Mule lady's
blog Greystone Mules.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Glen never tired of talking about this old bridge
this is a railroad bridge. This bridge proves the fact that our government has always awarded contracts to build bridges to nowhere. Before 1900 a bridge was build across the Des Moines River and this bridge was built over the old bed. The government was building a new railroad line to come to Harvey to service a factory that was to be built. The factory was never built and the Des Moines River bridge was taken down and this bridge was left intact.

There are no sides on it and new horse and mule riders are generally terrified the first time
they cross the bridge. I have had that experience myself. I bought a 3 year old mule gelding and the first time I road him across the bridge deer jumped up below us and as we neared the end a group of turkeys flew right in front of us. Very, Very scary.

Years ago the bridge had a plank floor. My dad's sister Mary was in our old Hudson car and
when we crossed the bridge she started screaming and crying. The old boards rattled and banged and shook the car and sounded like it was falling apart.

Glen rode his bicycle across the top bridge when he was a boy and also dived into the water from
the top of the bridge.

The mule in the picture nearest the camera if Jenny. She was puzzled to have someone else
ride her, but she was good.