Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have had good luck with my gardens, even though we have had way too much rain. I have had lettuce and onions since May. Yesterday I picked some green beans and peas. Lettuce and potatoes. I have a lot of green tomatoes and we have had hot peppers all month.

My dad was a truck farmer and I grew up with vegetables. My boys have taken some produce home and there will be a lot more to share.

The bad news is the flood gates are open on the dam and looks like I will lose the hayfield again. Lost it in 2008. We replanted then not sure what will happen this year.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mr. Bootie has been teaching me Relaxation Therapy.
I was attemping to make my bed on Father's Day. I was tearful and lonesome. My best friend was home sick with the flu he caught from me. My trail ride and camping trip was rained out and it was raining out of doors. I could not even tend my gardens. I was remembering happier Father's Day when my own father was living and my children's father.

I tried the poses Mr Bootie was in sort of like yoga. It worked and soon I was laughing again. Pets are wonderful friends to have.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


June 13 I had a BBQ welcoming Jason to Iowa. Jason and Micole are military and are transferring from Alaska to Hawaii. Jason has had a tour in Iraq and now will be deployed to Afghanistan.

I am pictured above with granddaughters Mia on the left with Micole in the center.

Denis and I are in the picture with Micole and Jason. Jason is from Alabama.

Pictured is my new ceiling fan. This is a gift from Carrie and Crayola. It is much appreciated.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Jan and I have been having a lot of fun again at River Valley, Farmington, Iowa. It was her and hubby, Murph's, anniversary. Her adult children were there as well as my friend Denis. We had great trail rides, cookouts, and dancing. There was a bad storm on Friday night, June 4th, lightening striking huge trees along the Des Moines River. Terrifying my pup, Nana.

The woods were full of wild flowers and butterflys.

Isn't my Friend's 3 year old hunt horse gorgeous. I dare not show this picture to my mules.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On Sunday, May 30, Friends Jan and Susan came at 8 am and we rode our favorite trails on the Harvey Island. About noon we went to the Monroe County Saddle Club Ride South and East of Albia. We did not get back to Harvey until after 7 pm. That was a longer day of riding than usual. It was very warm about 90 degrees. My mule, Jenny, barely broke a sweat. She is 23 years old and going strong.

We had a close friend in Arkansas, Bill Huston. He has passed away about 2 years ago. A few years ago we were visiting and he pulled up 3 little catalpa sprouts out of his yard. This is the first years they have bloomed and are beautiful. Reminding me of how much fun Bill and Glen had together. Fishing and hunting arrow heads. They even drank a little moonshine. Bill lived in the part of Arkansas which does not sell legal booze of any kind, but lots of shine. I miss those two.

We had a great time on Memorial Day. Great Aunt Carrie took Baby Kirk a piggyback ride. Little Kirk was ill with ear infection and a cough. He did not feel so good so we did not play with him very long. This is baby Kirk's first horse. It plays music and whineys