Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hooray for best old friends

Pauline it was so good to hear from you. You were the maid of honor at

our wedding so many years ago. It is pretty darn strange that good looking

chicks like us wind up going to a nursing home every day.

Much love to you and yours.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello out there. Does anyone want
to go on a mule ride. Let me know

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honorary Granddaughter's Wedding

This week end is very exciting. My honorary granddaughter is getting
married. I did not think I could do this without the honorary Grandfather, but being alive does give one the strength to do the things that must
be done. It is an ancient custom that the funeral procession waits for
the wedding procession.

I even will have my picture taken. How scary is that.

Emma is very dear to me and Grandpa Glen loved her very much.
I look forward to the wedding. The reception is at the Nelson Family
Farm and the wedding is at the Quaker Church in Oskaloosa. There
is also a big blast afterward where .

there will be liquid refreshment not
welcome at the Nelson Farm. Grandma Jeanie will be home in bed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This is my mule BONES 1987-2008
I wanted to change her name, but
she came running whenever we called
her name so we went with it. She
had an accidental death.

She was a pet and a good ditch diving
mule. I loved her.

I had her for 8 years.

She brought me back to my roots. I love riding horses or mules and being
out doors. I love to be somewhere where there is no trail.

I have a new mule now. She is younger, blacker, smarter, and much bigger.
I rode her today with my friend Deb. yesterday my friend Tom came and
took the first ride of the season with me. I am very grateful to him for
that because that is when you have to break them again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

High 4 and High 5 grandchildren

these two are very special just like the rest. They are numbers 4 and 5 on the list of grandchildren. I am going to Alaska to Visit Micole and Sundance in August.
I want Skyler to be more important in my life. He would stay with us
when he was younger. He learned to drive when he was 8 years old and he did a very good job. He was ambitious and helpful.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Louisiana Hotties

This is Grace and her granddaughter Kasha who is getting married this week. Grace is married
to Norman and they are the very best friends anyone could have. We met
them in Eunice in 1989.We have spent many good times together at
Mardi Gras. Grace has a friend named Virginia Mary. Whenever a
new camper rolled in they would descend on them with gifts. They
called themselves Amazing Grace and the Virgin Mary. Some unsuspecting folks would get a little upset by that.
More Louisiana stories soon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing the Game of living life

Grandma Jeanie is on facebook. Who would have guessed that. Now I
have contact with many friends. Some even back to High School.
Got the old eyes checked this morning. Turns out I have an allergy to
my own tears. Who knew that was possible. All my life I have not
cried very much, but I am making up for it now.

Skyler said he was playing the game of Risk and it is great. Maybe I
should try it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring is Here

Things just are not the same. My friend pointed out to me yesterday
that you can not count on the Robins to indicate Spring is here because
they have started staying all winter. However, the Red Winged Black
Birds are here. Spring is close. When you see a Turkey Buzzard you will
know for sure.

Things just are not the same for me either. I am trying to figure out what
I am supposed to do now. I have been Glen's right arm for 50 years.
He was injured in 1959. To say I am lost is an understatement.
I have faith in myself to continue living and I need all the encouragement
I can get.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yes they are drinking coffee

Yes she was in a bike wreck

look at that knee

It has been three weeks today

Yes she wants him back

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thoughts from Phil and Royce

Dearest Jeanie,

We cannot imagine the shock you, your family and friends must be in just now. I know how taken back both Royce and I were by the tragically sad news you related to us last night. Our sadness pales in comparison to the grief and anguish you and your family are dealing with at this moment. Please know that we share deeply in your loss. It is incredibly difficult to adequately express in words what we all are feeling in our hearts about Glen. I will attempt to convey some of those feelings that Royce and I share.

You and Glen shared and enjoyed many incredible moments together, more than most have experienced in one lifetime, let alone several lifetimes. Now is the time to focus on those memories to ease yourself into tomorrow and to assist you with coping today. Your children are amazing and we are sure they will support you and comfort you greatly in the months and years ahead. You are fortunate to have a wonderful family who will be there for you, as you need them and as they need you. Share these next days together as a family.

We have known you and Glenn for more than 20 years! It doesn't seem possible that that much time has flown by. It seems like yesterday when we first met you both on the Calktex bike ride and thinking what an amazing and wonderful couple you were. "Incredible" and "adventurous" were two words that came to mind to describe you both. Without a doubt, you two continued to prove that thought to us over the years. Though distance of a few states separated us, there never was any doubt about the genuine friendship that bonded us for these past 20+ years. It is now that distance that makes us suffer your loss all the more.

I will not detail the river of tears both Royce and I have cried together since I talked with you. It is hard to imagine a person who we measured as "larger than life" to no longer be with us, except now through our cherished memories. We have counted you as close friends over the years, sharing your home, knowing your family, joining you on RAGBRAI, visiting you just because, and being there for your 50th anniversary. We sure shared some great times together, both here in the states and during our odyssey is Australia! We promise to spend some more great times with you, at yet to be determined places.

Royce and I were amazed at how much life you both lived and breathed. We feel that though your numerous adventures, you managed to live several exciting lifetimes. All your numerous trips and outings, the hours you both shared together, you managed to live for today while planning for tomorrow. So many couples fail to do both. You each made life an adventure instead of just existing. More of us should take notice of that fact and do more living and less existing. Life would be so much more fulfilling if we all took that approach.

The thing that strikes us the most is how much love the two of you shared. Not many couples maintain that high standard of love for so long. Sure you had good times, great times, tough times, happy times, sad times, and all kinds of other times. I remember Glen telling me privately once about how lucky he was to have such a wonderful wife as you. He actually choked up a bit and I sensed a small tear as he was trying to relate his feelings to me about how he felt about you and all the things you had sacrificed for him. This was a side of Glen I had not previously known; his truly sensitive and caring side. We all have a side like this, but seldom expose this part of ourselves to others. From our conversation there was no doubt in my mind about how much he loved and treasured you. Believe me, you are a fortunate woman to have had the complete unfettered love and adoration of such a fine man. I dare say that few women ever get to know the joy that kind of love brings.

I remember my last conversation with Glen. He had accepted the inevitable, but I sensed an uneasiness within his words. We talked openly and frankly about his situation, his alternatives, and the short remaining future. This is the only time I ever heard Glen cry. It was impossible for him to hold back the frustration he was sensing and I felt helpless to locate the proper words to comfort him. I changed the subject to the movie "The Bucket List" and asked him had he seen it. With his negative answer, that night I availed myself to making sure he got to see it. I have no idea how it affected him, but no doubt, the theme caused him to do some soul searching. I wish I knew what he found in his search. I suppose none of us will ever come to know that. I am happy that you both watched it together and enjoyed it given the current circumstances of his affliction.

We know how difficult the ensuing days are going to be for you and we cannot even imagine the endless lonely nights you will have to endure. Our wish would be to wave a magic wand that would change this recent event to ease our hearts and Glen's pain. Please know that we are here for you should ever need to talk or cry. We are sure you will be doing a lot of both for awhile. As time goes on, you will do more talking and less crying, but the hurt, no doubt, will remain for quite some time. Take comfort in your family for they share deeply in your loss and in your grief. They need you now, as much as you need them. Talk with them about all the great times you shared together and smile again. Take time to find laughter and share that with your children. I can only imagine how much they need that right now. I am sure that Glen would not want you all to be grieving over him. Most certainly, he would want you to know that his pain is gone and that he is in a far better place now, waiting for the moment when he can be reunited spiritually with the rest us.

The world continues to rotate and the sun will rise and set many more times for all of us. As friends, we are here to help each other in difficult times and to share in the good times. It is the good times that help us through times such as these. I regret that we are unable to physically be there to offer you comfort. Know spiritually, we are at your side sharing each moment with you. I hope you have some solace in these words. They have come from the heart and are offered to you with the friendship we have developed over the years. A big hug to you. We will write/call again soon.

Phil and Royce