Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Our place on the river is below the Red Rock Dam. The water stays open all winter. We have lots of water birds to enjoy during the winter months. This piece of ice was breaking up. We used to have ice jams at this narrow place in the river before the dam of 1968.

Nana is so proud of her deer leg. She carried it 3 miles to our home. Then she buried it as well as she could for a later treat

English River flows into the Des Moines River near my property. The English is flooding big time. 2008 was a flood that destroyed my little Hay farm. I replanted. I hope we do not lose again this year. Lots of folks have their homes at stake. I just have a hayfield.


  1. Once again, I wish I were there to go walking with you on the Island. We haven't had much snow here this year. It's warm and sunny much more than normal here in Olympia, WA. Big Hug!

  2. I had a dream last night about your land. It swelled up with water becoming a huge river of mud. Then I woke up and read your post. I hope the land doesn't get washed away either, but so much has been lost thus far.

  3. Mia your intuition is usually right on. Love you

  4. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your world with us. I'll hope that the river recedes gradually and that it doesn't flood. Good Luck with that....

  5. Jeanie~I've driven right by where you describe...I love rivers and of course we have to respect Ma Nature who likes to 'redecorate' every once in a while.

    Hope the rivers behave themselves!
    We have flood warnings in our area also.