Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dear Friends. I have been so busy with the coming of Spring. Good Friday the potatoes and onions were planted and shallots. First the garden was plowed and cultivated. Lacey helped me. I went with friends to collect money for the Pony Express. The organization supports Easter Seals.
Next was Easter Brunch with family. Easter Egg hunts.

Also an old house was pulled over and part of it has been recycled. There was yard cleanup and fence to fix. In other words, I have been busy!

I also have a new best friend and he has been taking up my time as well.
Sylvia tried on her new dress on Easter Sunday. She is wearing it to a wedding.

Kirk's older children, Jorgen and Gretta, were in Knoxville Saturday to help little sister, Lacey, find Easter Eggs. Kirk is in front of the old house on the corner which was pulled down with Rick
Menards tractor.

Ron carried the Flag and Christi presented the checks to the Easter Seal Commitee.

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