Thursday, May 6, 2010


Grand daughter, Mia, said Rhubarb was one dollar each stalk at the Down Town Des Moines Farmers Market last Saturday. She was purchasing Rhubarb to make Rhubarb Margaritas for a party this weekend. I asked her down to my place to help her self. I already froze my rhubarb for the year.

Rhubarb Margaritas. WHOOPEE Save one for me. ps. Mia we need the reciepe.


  1. I'm so cute :)
    I'm glad we came down to visit you! I spent an hour cleaning, cutting, and bagging rhubarb! It was okay though, 'cause I sold 5 bags at mom's work.
    Here is the Rhubarbarita recipe. I'm making it for a party this Saturday:
    Cook down sliced rhubarb in sugar. In a blender add 1 Can of Minutemaid Frozen limeade concentrate, then fill up that empty can with tequilla & triple sec. Blend away! Add some ice cubes & a big scoop of the rhubarb mix. Blend away! Taste it & add more of whatever you need.Sugar the rims rather than salt.

  2. What I would give for a batch of rhubarb! I should try to grow some in my new yard. My house became mine today!!

  3. Congratulations on buying your house Cathy!