Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well I did it and I lived to tell the story.
I drove to Ottumwa and back to have my Jenny mules teeth worked on. She has problems with her teeth that makes it a mystery why she is still here. No one else could help us but Dr Lapp in Ottumwa
County has good teeth which I am not surprised to hear.
Tom is leading the mules trying to bring them back after anesthesia so we
can load them and go home.
Tom helped me with the mysteries about trailer brakes and air ride. I have always slept through all of that as it was not my job. I never learned and
never cared about any of it as Glen was in control and I was just on for the ride.
I drove all the way in head winds and turned around in the parking lot. I never could have done it alone. Tom Is my best friend ever and he is getting married very soon. Glen loved him and always said he was one of the best friend we ever had.
Tom said I was a truck driver now and good to go.


  1. You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Love you .
    The Beatles said it best.
    We get by with a little help from our friends

  2. Yeah Mom! I knew you could do it.