Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Landscaping 101

Well yesterday Kirk said it was time to start cleaning up the property.
Our front yard is covered with dead limbs etc from ice storms past.
Kirk was standing by the mail box looking at the project and Rick
Mennard pulled up. He is a good friend and I had not seen him all winter.
He had his chain saw with him and he made quick work of the broken
limbs and dead trees and brush. Kirk said "Dad must have lookied down
on us and decided it was a job for Rick and the chain saw".

Later I went to a farm storm. When Glen left us all the lawn and garden tools were broken or worn out or lost. Or he took them with him.
Buying that sort of stuff is like a trip to China. One Hundred dollars
later I left the store with rakes leaf and garden. Grass seed for the pasture wild flower packets. I have never landscaped or gardened. I have a good
teacher with Kirk

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  1. we have decided to let nature take it's course and we'll just fence in the yard and all and let the mules and mule mommas have it all. HA HA HA!!!!!! How will we ever keep them off the front porch? One time the first mule Bill had jumped the fence and was banging on the front door by pawing to wake Bill up to feed him. They are such intelligent animals. Love my longears!!!