Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today is a very eventful day even though I haven't left home. My dad was born January 20, 1904.
My mom for many years made a cake for my dad and for my husband, Glen, and in later years for my daughter Carrie. 3 birds with one stone so to speak. All January birthdays. Now Sylvia and a favorite niece also have January birthdays.

I was looking at a picture of my great granddaughter, Sylvia, and was amazed when a video of her started playing. She was putting her heart into a musical number. I was quite astonished at her singing and acting too. Nice little show for her grandma when she cannot leave the property because of at least an one half inch of ice coating everything.

I took a picture of my rig this morning as I was doing chores and a picture of my back door. It was so icy out there I was prepared to fall any minute and I did not make it to the garbage container, leaving the bag in the log cabin as the driveway is a sheet of clear ice. I do not think I will get my truck out any time soon either.

I am reading an interesting book. I had purchased it for an up coming trip I am going on, but with the ice storm could not resist it. I have read one third all ready and will probably finish it today. THE SWAN THIEVES by Elizabeth Kostova. It is a haunting novel of art and obsession.
totally fascinating. A mystery and a love story. I cannot put it down. She also wrote the HISTORIAN. I will try to read that one soon.

If any of you are some where with nice weather don't tell me about it. haha. Happy Trails.


  1. Jeanie,
    Well, it's good that you have a good book to read. sounds like the best thing to do on a icy day like this! Enjoy.

  2. We thought we'd get the ice...but so far so good...

    A good book is your best friend in weather like this.