Monday, September 20, 2010


When I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last July my friends and I rode the tram to the summit of Rendezvous Mt. located in Teton Village. We decided to walk the 7.5 miles to the bottom. Some of the trail was so steep that gravity almost pulled you over.

It took two snickers candy bars and two bottles of water, but I made it just fine and so did my friends. Of all the critters we saw on the trail the strangest of all was the Prairie Chickens. Who knew they were hiding out on the Western Mountains instead of the prairie.

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  1. Hi Grandma, I'm so impressed that you went on such a long hike! That's so funny about the prairie chickens.

    Fall is almost over in Fairbanks and we're preparing for winter. It won't be the same without Micole! I love you and I'm thinking of you this morning!

    Say hello Nana and Booty for me. :)