Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at the Ranch

A few pictures from our weekend. Deb put all of hers on Face book. We had quite a time.It all started on Thursday when Crazy Mule Lady, (Deb), Tammy(soon to be wed) and I in my new truck went to Des Moines on a Shopping Extravaganza.

Crazy Mule Lady's husband told her she needed something to keep the "two from floppin" when she was loping her mule. She knew where they had great bras Victoria's Secret. Deb bought two Sexy Girl bras. When Deb has something on her mind it is no Secret.

We started out Friday hearing all about those new bras. It was not very long and the straps broke on one side letting her down. I gave her one of mine to wear as it was an emergency.
Now she is going to the shop and tell them she need something to keep two boulders from flopping over her shoulders.

Anyway on the ride we had a boob shoot of us wearing the same bra. It scared the mules a bit and if I posted the pictures Wachol Bra com. may sue us.

We had a great time. We did night riding times two and all day times three. Most of the property is reclaimed strip mine turned to fields and lots of gob piles left and water holes and ponds to keep any ditchdivers supremely happy. The Whip per Wills were in great voice. Almost could keep you awake at night.

I forgot some of my food and Kirk and Lacey brought it out to us. Deb has some cute pics of her feeding the mules on facebook. Deb is riding my Black mule County.

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  1. What a funny story! Looks like Victoria Secret bras are made for mule riding. She needs a Dutch bra... "two from floppin" :)