Saturday, May 2, 2009


Glen never tired of talking about this old bridge
this is a railroad bridge. This bridge proves the fact that our government has always awarded contracts to build bridges to nowhere. Before 1900 a bridge was build across the Des Moines River and this bridge was built over the old bed. The government was building a new railroad line to come to Harvey to service a factory that was to be built. The factory was never built and the Des Moines River bridge was taken down and this bridge was left intact.

There are no sides on it and new horse and mule riders are generally terrified the first time
they cross the bridge. I have had that experience myself. I bought a 3 year old mule gelding and the first time I road him across the bridge deer jumped up below us and as we neared the end a group of turkeys flew right in front of us. Very, Very scary.

Years ago the bridge had a plank floor. My dad's sister Mary was in our old Hudson car and
when we crossed the bridge she started screaming and crying. The old boards rattled and banged and shook the car and sounded like it was falling apart.

Glen rode his bicycle across the top bridge when he was a boy and also dived into the water from
the top of the bridge.

The mule in the picture nearest the camera if Jenny. She was puzzled to have someone else
ride her, but she was good.


  1. Thanks for some history on "the bridge" Mom. I always thought it was there so the farmers could plant their corn and soybeans on "the island". But then again, it's not even a true island is it...? Maybe it was when you were a kid, before new Hwy 92 went in and provided access to it from the southwest (if I'm gettng my directions corrent). I wonder how long that bridge will last? I miss Dad terribly!

  2. Grandma - this is a great story! It's one that I grew up hearing often and really appreciated it. My favorite was when Grandpa would tell me about when he rode his bike across the top!! There was an old bridge, very similar to this one, in Des Moines that we kids grew up near. We would climb to the top and jump off as well. Everyone thought I was pretty crazy to be doing such least now I know where I get that. ;)

  3. The first few times I came to ride with Glen and Jeanie I had to lead my mule across this bridge. I still get a cardiac workout every time I cross it. I have a fear of heights, bridges and getting into water where I don't know how deep it is. I have rode on this bridge for at least 5 years and it still scares the crap out of me.

  4. Hi Grandma, thanks for posting the story. I thought Grandpa rode across the top, but I wasn't sure if I remembered that story correctly or not. Love you!