Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Cats hate going to the Vet or anywhere in the carrier.!!! On the spur of the moment I decided that today was the only day I could take the cat and dog to the vet. We had quite a circus going.
Nana finally treed the cat on the piano and I tried to put him in the box. The dog was barking and the cat resisted and rested his sharp little teeth on my wrist. So now I have to go to the doctor as well.

Nana had her teeth cleaned and they both had various shots a total of 183 dollars. I had just
spent a bunch on the mules getting them updated. I keep all my receipts and if I start thinking about a cute little dog or cat I see at the shelter pictures and on TV I just get those paid up bills and look them over.

Marco Polo is on probation and Nana and I are both on Augmentin. Thanks for listening

They do not like going to the Vet!!!!!!!! I was trying to put the cat in the box and Nana was
barking because we had been looking for the cat and Nana had him treed on the piano.
I was so stupid I did not have leather gloves on or my wrist leathers and the cat bit me a
good one. Five holes in all on the right and one on the left. Now who is going to the Doctor?
Grandma Jeanie thats right.

Marko Polo is on probation.

ps I still love him




  1. Dang cat!! I know what you mean with these animals and all their costs - gets expensive but what would you do without them?

  2. Ohhh grandma you are so tough! Remember Sardines and that huge boil on his face. I will never forget hearing that cat whine as you tried to pop it!