Friday, June 12, 2009

Wedding Celebration Ride

Tom and Tammy are getting married Saturday.
I have to work so they came over today to ride
with me. We had a great time and found all the trails that Glen had made for us.

Tom was standing up in the saddle, but it was not caught on camera and he would not do it again. This is a trick perfected by tammy.

Crazy Mule lady and I gave them their gift while they were here. It is a dutch oven made for campfire cooking. We all plan to benefit from this gift.

The river was too high and we could not play on the sandbar like we usually do.

Emma rode with us. She was always with her dad, Tom, but now she is married and has
other things to do. We all were delighted to have her with us and on her donkey as well.


  1. Now we know who will be doing the cooking. That was a fun ride!!!

  2. yes it was it was a blast!!! thank you all so much i miss aLL of you terribly!!! love you

  3. I am sorry it has taken me so long to comment. We had a great time on that ride. Tom and I will be back to ride it again.