Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jeanie's Job Corp

Wednesday, June 10,2009, My sister, Donna, brother-in-law, Ron, and brother Jack came to help me

They brought the famous baked smoked beans, plus burgers and trimmings.
After we had a great lunch I handed out the work assignments.

Jack had to wash my new truck. He really hates to get his hands wet with soap, but he did manage to bond with my new truck. He said he approved of it.

Ron was asked to weed eat, and he was not overwhelmed by the amount and size of the weeks in my front yard. Now I can find the bird feeder and the mail box.

Donna scrubbed away at least two years of mold on the front patio and sidewalks. She used my
new broom with the energy reminiscent of our mother.

Kirk was already on the job mowing weeks and a path on the government project on the Island.
I was surprised how the wild flowers were getting ready to bloom in the land that was flooded last summer and killed so many trees.

I was a very fun day with lots of good memories of Glen and old times.

I love you guys. Thanks


  1. Wow grandma your new truck looks amazing!! That is the kind of truck Jason and I want to get. Black and everything.... Looks like you guys had a great day. I miss you and can't wait to see you in a few months.

  2. Great pics Mom. I wish I could have been there to spend time with everyone and to help. Hugs and kisses. -Cathy