Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Meaning - Old Phrases

There were about 6 teams camping at River Valley in Farmington, Iowa this weekend. The
group were enroute to their next parade or drill show. They travel the midwest all summer
showing off their teams. They all have extra big motor homes and trailers all alike to haul a
team and a wagon. They were not too friendly to me because Nana barked at their little dog
when he peed on the rock in front of our site. Nana claimed the rock as hers etc. That was the
first day and I got the cold shoulder from then on. They were all from Delmar, Iowa.

Some of the old phrases I have changed to suit myself. BORN AGAIN FIRST DAY OF THE
REST OF MY LIFE, etc. you get my drift. This was the first time in my life I ever did any
thing recreational all by myself. Well I had Nana and County with me. They live and breath.
We had a good time. I rode the trails all day Friday and Saturday. I came home late Sunday
morning. We made lots of friends. There were a few people there that I knew. I was the
only one riding a big black mule or any mule for that matter. We stood out for better or worse.
County can out walk any horse and goes through the mud like the 4 wheel drive that she is.

One group of neighbors could not stop talking about my riding by myself and going to all the
places and landmarks that they could not find. I found this amusing, as I really enjoyed riding
by myself. I usually have to go slow if there is a few horses in the mix. Happy Trails


  1. I Love the fact that you rode the only mule, AND for the "better", I might add. Many years ago, when I lived in Oregon, I was often the only one riding a mule on the organized trail rides that I attended. At first it was a bit of a novelty, but this group eventually came around to realize that in many cases that long-legged mule of mine was superior to most horses when it came to a good, enjoyable trail ride. Good for you and I say...Ride on and with pride!

  2. You go girl!! Keep reminding County "independence" and she will always ROCK!! She is an awesome ride, awesome HUGE mule, and you two are a awesome team. Too bad about the little dog but I guess they just don't understand Nana. Gomez, my old dog that has passed, he always claimed any area he was in as his and if he chose to let you pass through or stay that was his choice - NOT YOURS!! Some of our dog friends are just that way. I don't care cause I STILL love Nana!!!