Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mt Mckinley/Mary Ann

This is Mary Ann's picture of Mt McKinley or
Mr Denali as most folks call it in Alaska.

We were so lucky to see it as only 20% of
visitors get to see it. We saw it every day
we were there which was three days.

This is daughter Cathy and sister Mary Ann and yours truly.

I still have not found my cat. This is disturbing to me and I do not know what to do to fix it.
I adopted a stray young cat, but it just doesn't help how I feel.

Work is good. Glad to have a chance to take care of people and have enough do re me to
pay the bills.

Granddaughter Sundance and her special friend, Jed, were here last week. They are on their
way to France where Sundance is teaching English to school kids. I warned her that Mia and
I were going to come and see her next year.

Crazy Mule Lady is coming this after noon and we are going to run the trails.

Happy trails to you all. Grandma Jeanie


  1. Beautiful shot of Mt. McKinley and yes, you wrere lucky to see it at all!!
    Sorry that you have not found your Marco Polo yet, remain hopeful, maybe he'll show.
    Have a nice week.

  2. Beautiful pictures - both of them. Sorry we couldn't run the trails due to too much rain. Maybe next time. I'm soooo glad you're home but I am also soooooo glad you got to experience the trip and to top it off seeing your family during the trip. Glad you're home girlfriend!!

  3. How wonderful of you to be able to see Alaska this way...btw, nice to meet another mule lover!

  4. Wow, Mt Mckinley is just beautiful. The pics of the boys and that tree in your previous blod are pretty awesome too. Love you Mom. -Cathy