Monday, September 28, 2009


This is a picture of my Uncle Glen Bortell.
This was taken last month on his 95th birthday.
He lives in Florida.

This is a picture of my friend Crazy Mule lady
and myself this past weekend. We were enjoying
riding our mules along the Des Moines River on
a perfectly lovely day.

Needless to say we can only hope to be riding
our mules on our 95th birthday.

Love Grandma Jeanie


  1. I am always put in my place by folks like your uncle Glen...makes my old bones feel like a childs!
    What a lovely place to ride and what a great day to be out on a good mule!

  2. I can only hope to aspire to your Uncle Glen's accomplishments!

  3. It was a great ride and a beautiful day. I hope we can all ride until it's time for us to go home. Jeanie has some wonderul mules and allows me to ride her personal mule so both of her mules get a chance to get out. Thanks for all the fun Jeanie!!!