Saturday, February 20, 2010


I went to Des Moines last night in a blizzard just to see a movie. What a movie it was.
CRAZY HEART with Jeff Bridges. Don't miss it. He will get an Academy Award for sure.
We have 10 more inches of snow coming to Southern Iowa this weekend. Go Figure! Every Saturday night for 3 months we have heavy snow. Fate wants me to stay safe at home. Haha

See you on the trail


  1. 10"? That is crazy! We are supposed to get 1-3" out of this storm.

    Sorry to say, glad it was you and not me...sorry 'bout that!

  2. This has been one crazy winter! Hunker down, find another good book and stay warm. I know spring has to be around one of these corners somewhere?

  3. We've had beautiful weather up here in Alaska!! It has been 30-40 degrees ABOVE zero for more than a week. The snow is melting and people are literally walking around with no coats on. Crazy how Iowa seems to be having Alaska weather and we are having a heat wave!

  4. You are right Micole. Our weather is "ass backwards" excuse my French. Love you