Thursday, February 25, 2010


On my 10 mile drive to town there were always Hawks in the trees. During this time of year, many times there would be a pair of Hawks in the same tree. This winter I rarely see a Hawk,
The Bald Eagles have taken over. They look so majestic waiting for a mouse or rabbit. I see them flying over our house as well. I do wonder where the Hawks are hunting.

My dog Nana, Border Collie, , Australian Sheperd, and Blue Heeler mix. Black and white in color.
She is eight years old. She is constantly chasing squirrels and rabbits, seldom making a catch.
Yesterday she brought me a large rabbit very much alive, severely injured. Glen would have put the animal down immediately and gave it a respectful burial. I just stood there, crying a little. Nana was confused and she carried that poor dying rabbit around for hours and finally buried it herself.


  1. We have Bald Eagle here too. They are a sight to see and I never get tired of it!
    Sorry about your rabbit incident. Dogs will be dogs! They can't help what they do.

  2. My big [little] brave dogs runs from squirrels and rabbits.

    I watched a baldie on the Mississippi ice the other evening. We have them over our place ... they are majestic.

    I do see many hawks also. They seem to be co-habitating well.

  3. That's a sad story Mom. I couldn't have killed the poor rabbit myself and I too would have missed Dad terribly at that moment had I been there!