Monday, June 7, 2010


Jan and I have been having a lot of fun again at River Valley, Farmington, Iowa. It was her and hubby, Murph's, anniversary. Her adult children were there as well as my friend Denis. We had great trail rides, cookouts, and dancing. There was a bad storm on Friday night, June 4th, lightening striking huge trees along the Des Moines River. Terrifying my pup, Nana.

The woods were full of wild flowers and butterflys.

Isn't my Friend's 3 year old hunt horse gorgeous. I dare not show this picture to my mules.


  1. Oh that horse is a beauty! But all that white!
    I'd love to own one like that I think.

    I heard the storm was pretty nasty. I was far and away in Virginia.

    Here is the link to those shoes you asked about. These are vendors that sell them.
    The shoes are hard to come by and not real inexpensive...but worth it.
    I also hunted up my size and bought the color available.
    I use Rock Creek, they were helpful.