Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mr. Bootie has been teaching me Relaxation Therapy.
I was attemping to make my bed on Father's Day. I was tearful and lonesome. My best friend was home sick with the flu he caught from me. My trail ride and camping trip was rained out and it was raining out of doors. I could not even tend my gardens. I was remembering happier Father's Day when my own father was living and my children's father.

I tried the poses Mr Bootie was in sort of like yoga. It worked and soon I was laughing again. Pets are wonderful friends to have.


  1. That's quite a stretch!
    So very true about animals. You could have been experiencing either therapies. Yoga therapy or pet therapy ... in your case both! Glad to hear that Mr. Bootie was able to help you out of your sad mood.

  2. Pets are a must.
    On Father's Day I too sat at work and thought about the wonderful Dad I'd been blessed with and my dear Father in Law who I only got to love for a short while.

    Mr. Bootie is a hoot!

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