Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honorary Granddaughter's Wedding

This week end is very exciting. My honorary granddaughter is getting
married. I did not think I could do this without the honorary Grandfather, but being alive does give one the strength to do the things that must
be done. It is an ancient custom that the funeral procession waits for
the wedding procession.

I even will have my picture taken. How scary is that.

Emma is very dear to me and Grandpa Glen loved her very much.
I look forward to the wedding. The reception is at the Nelson Family
Farm and the wedding is at the Quaker Church in Oskaloosa. There
is also a big blast afterward where .

there will be liquid refreshment not
welcome at the Nelson Farm. Grandma Jeanie will be home in bed.


  1. Grandma thank you so much I had been so worried that i wasnt going tro have a grandma at my wedding an you pulled yhru aqnd you were beautiful! Thank you so much for everytthing the comforter is so pretty!! I love you so mucH

  2. Dear Emma and Tyler. I love you
    just the same as my other grandchildren. I want to be there for
    you. I think Tyler will always take
    care of you just like Grandpa Glen
    always took care of me. I will be
    here for you always. love Grandma