Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing the Game of living life

Grandma Jeanie is on facebook. Who would have guessed that. Now I
have contact with many friends. Some even back to High School.
Got the old eyes checked this morning. Turns out I have an allergy to
my own tears. Who knew that was possible. All my life I have not
cried very much, but I am making up for it now.

Skyler said he was playing the game of Risk and it is great. Maybe I
should try it.


  1. I think he was playing the game LIFE and I told him he should get a life! That might be a better game than the game of RISK. If you look up the word risk in the dictionary you will see the words hazard, peril, and exposed to danger. I don't think that is the game you really want to play. Actually, that probably describes you and your friends on a mule ride! lol

  2. Ok, I guess Skyler does play RISK I saw it his facebook. I'm bad!