Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is how crazy mule lady and Grandma Jeanie beat the cold weather blues. We get out there and enjoy the weather. Friday morning it was cold and drizzly and we decided on a afternoon ride in the woods. We left about 3 pm and it was sunny and chilly. We rode until dusk. We played tag on the trails.

It was so obvious that the mules loved it. County is so much faster than Jenny, but Jenny is a game player and she never lets that black mule
get ahead of her for one minute.

The most exciting moment is when we came up on the hunters bow hunting for deer. I am sure they were pissed off to see up coming. Laughing and yelling racing down the trails. One of them even looked a little pale and out of breath. Since we are both RN's we always notice little things like that. You know like someone
need resuscitation. Anyway, we will try to stay out of the woods during dawn and dusk. Deer
season just seemed to come up to soon.

We had planned a weekend ride in the Mountains of Decorah, Iowa. With a forecast of snow, we decided to save our money for our
upcoming trip to Eminence, Missouri later this month.

We even took a little hard cranberry lemonade drink with us. This is a first for me. I said that
Deb led me astray. (Tongue in cheek of course.) I took two health cookies along and had to eat them both.

The woods were beautiful and the wind wispered to us that winter was coming sooner than we than we planned.

I keep getting calls that people see a cat like Marco Polo, but they can't catch him. I got him
at a shelter, and he always was hard to pick up. He was always a little bit frightened of people.
I doubt that we can ever bring him home again. He was a lot of fun and teased Nana all the time
without mercy on that old dog. He hangs out at the VA hospital in Knoxville and it will be closing next month.

I have a date with an old friend this evening. I resisted for a long time, but life does go on and
with winter coming it is cold and lonely around here. Wish me luck on my new adventures.

Come ride with me. Love Grandma Jeanie



  1. Gotta get in all the rides we can now. We got our first snow this AM. 1/2" I suppose. Didn't get to go to Decorah this weekend so we were gonna ride today but.................snow?????????????????????

  2. you bet ride hard and is too short to not play...
    I'm so tickled to see someone else out riding!
    [I've been stuck at work with some extended shifts! ...but still enjoying my job!]