Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday morning at sunup I had two great mules. By Sundown that had magically turned
into four great mules. Their names are Jenny, County, Eve, and Rosie. If they knew that
only two of them were going South there would be a lot of kicking and braying going on.

Sunday morning I started my diesel puller and dead battery. I had left lights on in the Camper.
I called two friends and left help me messages. I went to work at 2pm without hearing from
my # l call for help. Well #l Gary, came up put on the charger, ran the truck an hour closed
the hood and went home. Later, crazy mule man came over and he had to hunt for everything, I am sure he
was saying bad words under his breath. My storage places are a maze that even I can't find anything in.

The final word is my battery is charged and I am ready to go. Pray for me. It is a long way to the Southern border of Missouri.Love you all Grandma Jeanie