Monday, October 12, 2009


Sunday afternoon Jan Murphy and Crazy Mule Lady came to ride with me. It was pretty darn chilly, but we all said if it was January we would think it was a wonderful temperature.

Jan has a new mule, Misty. She is quite a lovely mule and exceptionally well adapted to trail riding up and down muddy slick steep hills. Jan has only had her for a week or two.

We rode for 5 hours and loved every minute of it. I really love this old rail road bridge. It is
such a photo op. I entered this picture of Jan in a contest in the DM register. It is a good example of local historic places. Built before the turn of the century.

Jan brought smoked pork and buns. Plus hot cocoa and pumpkin bars. remind me to always
include her in our plans.

We three are getting excited because in less than two weeks we are heading for Southern Missouri to the Cross Country Trail Ride in Eminence, Missouri for a week of non stop riding.
That will my longest drive so far. Deb is going with me. We are following TNT that is Tom
and Tammy Rabideau.

Carrie came to visit me this morning. We had such a good visit. Love Grandma Jeanie



  1. Woo hoo Jan!!! Looking good!!! It was a cold ride but we sure had a good time and the last 2 years we have had ice and haven't been able to ride so a little chill in the air won't stop us. Great ride and great snacks and great company!!!

  2. Lucky!

    Wonderful...I am so excited for you.