Monday, October 12, 2009


This is Jorgen. He is my number 1 grandson. He was the first grandson.
He was fly fishing in this picture. Something like
"A River flows through it:.

I know a very grown up lady who has a crush on
Jorgen. He is one neat young man. I have
promised not to publish her name.

I plan on visiting Jorgen in Colorado Springs
some time late
spring. I have not told him I have to bring one
dog, two mules, and one cat. That may change
his mind. Love Grandma Jeanie


  1. This young man is a very nice person. He kinda reminded me of his Grandpa Glen. Doesn't know a stranger and friendly - and cute too!!!

  2. You can add my name to admirers!

    This sounds like a fun adventure. I think Grandma's like 'us' who are never without a mule or dog [or cat] by our side are a very special breed of Grannies.

    We AREN'T your normal Grandma!

  3. See jeanie. Even grandma's can admit to when they see a nice looking young man - and the fact that this one is a very nice young man makes him even more interesting. They still make nice young men. How 'bout that?????????????