Friday, December 18, 2009


This is the time of year for reminiscing. The year my sister Mary Ann was born is the first Christmas I remember.

My mother went to stay in Knoxville, Iowa, at an old house converted into the first Mater Hospital in Knoxville. She had a room upstairs and dad and I would climb up those long stairs. I can even remember the smell of the place which was rubbing alcohol and other cleaners.

At the end of the long hall was a bird cage with a green parrot in it. This parrot could say "give me a cracker". The people there would give me a soda cracker to feed a little piece to the parrot. This made a tremendous effect on me and I can still remember exactly how I felt. I still am in awe to this experience.

This was December 1940. The United States had not yet declared War.

Keep the Peace. Love you all Grandma Jeanie

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