Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This weekend was fabulous on Saturday. That is County and myself on the rock. It was a perfectly lovely ride and hard to believe it was the last weekend of November. Before the ride we enjoyed another Thanksgiving meal at Ron's. Everyone, but myself, brought a lot of good food. Ron is so popular because he makes awesome pies and other comfort foods.

We went to Elk Rock on Sunday. The weather was not so nice, but everyone was dressed for it.
we had hot dishes for our lunch after the ride.

We did have a little problem with mud and so glad Don and his horse came out of it without lasting injuries.


  1. You were so lucky to have had this good weather and friends to share the last of the fall riding season. Looks like great fun!

  2. I concur, it looks like it was great fun. I ride solo 90% of the time and then come home and cook!!!

  3. That looked like a fun time!