Monday, December 28, 2009


My new grandson and I have something in common already and he is only a few weeks old. This is his first Christmas and it is my first Christmas without my dear husband. We had been together since childhood. First Playmates and then dating and then marriage.

It was a joyful Christmas. All my family came and stayed with me. We played games, watched movies, and ate a lot of goodies and real food. My grandson, Skyler, insisted we get out the sleds and we had a lot of fun sledding on our hills. It was a first for 4 year old Jasper and he loved it.
It was very cold and windy and we had to dig into my collection of old scarves and mittens etc.

The ghost of Christmas past was with me constantly trying to make me sad with memories.

Jasper received a bicycle from Santa and Lacey and Jasper made a racetrack through the kitchen and living room and kept those wheels hot for hours.

Sylvia is nearly 12 years old and she like holding little baby Kirk.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. See you on the trail. Love you all Grandma Jeanie


  1. Oh I love these photos! They bring such a joyful smile to my face.
    Spending your first Christmas without your hubby had to be a bit trying.
    But family and Grandchildren seem to always bring a wonderful smile to our faces.

  2. Great Pictures Mom! The only thing missing is me and the boys. We'll shoot for Iowa in the summertime :-)