Monday, December 7, 2009


The sunrise is of Mt. Rainier from my daughter, Cathy's, new home in Olympia.

The other pictures are of myself on recent trail rides.

The snow storm we have been promised for tomorrow has changed my plans. I was going to Iowa City to the dentist and out to lunch with a friend. The weather has a way of changing things. Now I am baking cookies for Christmas boxes.

I bought a new snow shovel a few days ago and it works well. In fact, it was fun. The cat and dog loved it to and kept getting in my way. we will all get tired of this new game before winter is over it is safe to say.

I do not like this time of year because of the Deer Seasons. They seem to go on and on. It is not safe to walk in my woods every day during deer season. I have a family of deer that live on the edge of my pasture. There is a buck and several others. It is fun to see them hiding all during the holiday

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Keep the peace. Love you all Grandma Jeanie


  1. I'm glad you aren't going to travel in this weather! Looks like a nasty one to say the least.

    Love those photos! You look awesome of course.

    I drape Badger and myself in Blaze Orange at all times.
    Of course I usually know who is in the woods at all times.

    Cookies? I love cookies!

  2. Great shots of you Mom! Your blog is fun. It's super cold here in Olympia this week. My cold water is frozen in my kitchen this morning.