Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday

(A letter from Carrie's work friend Mike Farley)

February 12 2009

Dear Carrie,

Three score and fourteen years ago your father was born to live a rich and full life in the heartland of America.

Though not born to riches, he was rich in talent.

He stretched his adventurous spirit with travel and art and animal husbandry, gracing all who know him with that spirit, without fame or fanfare.

His family leaves an enduring legacy for the community and state where he set his roots.

The suffering and toil and trouble he endured will redeem him of his sins.

I choose to remember him thus. you do the same, filling in with richness of memory my scant ouline of his life.

Peace be with you


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  1. This is great. Mike has always been the nicest guy ever! Miss you already grandma. Hope you're doing okay. Love you!