Saturday, February 28, 2009


There is a sweet little old lady where I work. She is quite old. Her
husband passed away last year. Every day she asked where he is and
after much stalling she is gently reminded that he passed away. Then
she bursts into tears as if she has just learned the news of his death. That
is how I feel. I am busy working and I pick up the phone to call Glen and
then I realize he is not home anymore. I nearly faint with grief and then
I go on again and then I forget again.

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  1. Dad use to say "When you have Alzheimers you never know a stranger." I dreamed about him last night. He was backing some kind of trailer down a narrow lane and I was moving branches and stuff out of his way. I told him he was doing a good job and he said "You're doing it." I woke up and told Crayola I didn't look at his face in my dream...that made me cry...I think I had this dream because just yesterday I told Crayola I was going to master backing out of our narrow driveway using the mirrors (instead of turning around and looking out the back window) because that would make my dad proud...not long ago I ran into the side of the house and busted the rearview mirror off the Exployer - dad would have never done that!