Friday, February 6, 2009


Everyone that has mules has a barn

or a shelter. Back in the 1990s I decided I wanted to raise milk goats.

At the time a lumber yard was being auctioned off and hubby bought

one of the buildings for salvage lumber. Then he built the barn.

In the meantime I visited some goats,, not the Nubian or other breeds

but just plain goats. They smelled so bad I scraped the goat business

plan. I even had been practing milking goats with friend.

In 2002 we started buying mules and we have been happy ever


Our black mule is called County Fair(she was born there) 14 years old

and Jenny the dun she is 22. Both of them are great ditch diving mules.

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  1. I remember when the barn was built. I was to old to want to play in it, but I think Skyler,Micole and Sundance had a lot of fun with it.