Friday, February 20, 2009


Last evening some friends came over and brought pizza. Cactus sent
me a wonderful photo and a bag of oats for my girls. Another good
friend brought a drink concoction of brandy and baileys cream.
He brought just enough for one drink. I was proud of him for that.
It was so good that afterward we just sat there. Someone mentioned
that Glen always had cold beer and neat glasses to drink out of.
Well, I had been to Costco that very day and I aways brought home
a case of some fancy or expensive beer that was special for a few
weeks(maybe 1). Well I don't drink beer so now I was selfish.
We settled for S.Pellecrino sparkling natual mineral water from Italy.
My friends did a lot for me they gave me hope. I decided I wanted to continue my
life of riding and camping.

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