Saturday, February 7, 2009


Our granddaughter, lives in Fair Banks Alaska, On the edge of the
wilderness. She was sending us an e-mail and a Moose passed her
window with two young ones. She said she lives in an apartment
complex and the moose were trotting past her window and on
to a parking lot. It is still 30 degrees below freezing and rather
dark. We have deer in our back yard including a buck with huge
antlers. I guess that is about the same thing.

Gotta dash today is a working day.

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  1. We rode on Saturday but it was too icey to get into the timber and down on the river like us crazy mule riders like. Tom, Alyssa, and Matt rode with me. It was great. Rode 4 hours and had a blast. Matt buried the foxtrotter mare to her belly in the snow. She took it very well and he gets along great with her. Love you two!!!