Saturday, February 21, 2009

Florida Trail

Glen and I were in
Florida by Lake Marian South of
Kissemee. It was 35 miles to the
nearest town. We were camped
near the Florida Trail which is
across the whole state. It is very
primitive with volunteers putting
a bit of red paint on tree now and then. There is no facilities or water
source. It is just an easement on
property for people to walk the trail. There are lots of wild pigs, alligators
and who knows what. We left at day break. I carried the food and water
and Glen had a pack as well. we had on warm clothes. As my pack got
lighter his got heavier. We had one gallon of water, but that was not near
enough. We walked 28 miles. For some reason Glen got blisters all over
his feet. It must have been that I go barefoot all the time. Anyway, I did
not have any problems at all.

The area is so primitive just like it used to be. Very beautiful experience
and I will never forget it. My first real hiking experience and I loved every
minute of it except I got so thirsty as we ran out of water right away.

our friend who picked us up was something hard to believe. He had lost
his arms in an elevator accident and he did not even have shoulders. He
admired dad so much as he could do a lot of things. This fellow could not
do much. He had a ranch and a great big house and a caregiver. There is a lot more to this story some of which is shocking. More later.


  1. I cant wait to hear the rest of this story!! Love you Grandma!

  2. I love these pics of Dad - they represent the quintessential Glen. After many tries, I (obviously) finally figured out how to post a comment on your blog. I had to sign up for a Google Gmail acct. It only took a few minute. I went to the Google home page. Hit "Gmail", found a username that wasn't taken, added a password, and Voila! Love ya much.

  3. Cathy I am so glad you can comment
    The rest of the story today or