Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am ready for some fun


  1. jeanie i want you to know that as you move on with your life ,you will always be a highly valued friend,and we will carrie you and glen in our hearts and minds,along every trail we take in our lives. love you bill

  2. i do not know if you knew this,but i started riding very young around three or so,with my grandpa ,who like glen had lost his hands,but still found a way to celabrate life,and teach anyone that wanted to learn to ride ,just as i began to really get in to riding and such,grandpa was snatched away from us in a truck wreck,but any how glen was like a chance to ride with grandpa again,but now i am much ,much older and able to help out in this world some,i geuss what i am trieng to say is,i work alot ,but if there is anything you need just give a holler o k

  3. Waitin' for the fun to begin. This picture is so funny as Rosie was scared to death of the red ball we were playing polo with. Mules are so much fun and a great source of stress relief. Gotta get this weather to straighten up - then we'll have some fun.

  4. Thanks for all the support and
    hold your breath for the best is
    yet to come