Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch

There were pickup trucks and men crowding around a covered arena about
the size of a corral. This was a COCK FIGHT. Totally illegal in Florida.
Only legal in Louisiana at that time. The authorities haCheck Spellingd been trying to
catch them at it. They informed us that everyone there would be considered guilty by association and it was a Federal Crime in Florida.

Nice folks gone bad. The chosen pair of men would pick up these huge roosters.
They looked like colorful bantams with huge spurs on there feet or ankles.
If chickens have ankles. They would hold the roosters to their face
and blow on their bottoms. Totally disgusting. Then the roosters
would fight to the death. The men were yelling and holding fists full
of money . The point was to bet on these fights.

The men were lined up for their turn to fight the winners. It was a bloody
mess. Glen and I took off down the highway . We were finally picked up
by a old guy in an old car. Later, much later we laughed and decided
it was just another adventure.


  1. What a funny ending to your story! Sundance and I's gumbo turned out amazing. However, nothing compares to the real deal. Love you!

  2. It's strange what people do for entertainment and money. You and Dad had some great adventures and were always open to meeting new people. I also appreciate your good common sense in getting the hell out of there when it was time. I believe I learned some of that from you and Dad. Thanks.

  3. I want some boudain! Not that that has anything to do with your story.I just need to express my desire for boudain as it is delicous and I can't get it here.
    I agree with mom, let this blog be your jumping board for a book.