Sunday, February 1, 2009

fish fry and flash backs

Kirk brought fresh carppie fish for a fry. Big fish fries are a part of our
history. We used to have skillet that was 36 inches wide and 4 inches
deep that we put on the campfire. We had a camp on the Des Moines
river and we had a school bus camper there. This was in the 70's.
We could fry tons of catfish and everyone we knew would come
and eat with us.

Today all of the family was here except Cathy. We had wonderful
fish french fries and cole slaw that Mia and Carrie brought. They
came to see their dad who has been having psychological problems
of guilt and paranoia. It is hard to see the beloved leader of our family
being dependent on the others. He was fine when they were here
but lapsed into worry the minuete they lefted.

I needed to calm down and I went to the barn and to the mules. They
are so calm in their need to eat. I gave them grain and hay. Nana was
there and she is so sure there is a varmint living the the barn. She just
goes bonkers looking for the little rascal. I told County fair, my new
mule, that we are doing shows and games next year. She is already
trained by her previous owner and knows how to do almost everything
needed for shows and games. The only problem I have I parking the
truck and trailer. I already can drive it is just so hard to back up etc.
This is my challenge for 2009. Pray for me.

Love Grandma Jeanie

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  1. Poor Grandpa! I wish I could see you both. Stay strong grandma! I love you!!