Thursday, February 26, 2009

boot top mud

Came home from work after dark. Took the flashlight and the dog(the cat
declined) and went slogging up the hill. I could hear the mules walking
in the mud with sucking and splashing sounds. They nickered softly to
me as I filled their little buckets with oats and senior feed. I can't feed
them too much grain as mules don't really need it unless they are working
12 hours a day(like the old days) Put out their hay and just listened to them crunching away.

When I was a little girl my dad kept his working team and saddle horse in the
barn in stalls. They were never left out to get muddy. He kept them
all brushed up and used the team every day. Once each day he would
ride his saddle horse to town to get the mail and whatever else and catch
up on the local gossip This was the only time my poor hard working
mother had a chance to read the romance novels she enjoyed so much

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  1. I can hear the mules crunching when I read your description of feeding them and being with them. I wonder how animals deal with loss? They must miss Dad a lot. I am sure that Nana and Marco Polo miss him too. I miss him every day. I keep his hat hanging on the wall next to my computer. I have his picture on my desk at work. I miss him so much! I feel blessed to have had such a great Dad. Thanks so much for encouraging me to come home in January. I wouldn't trade that time with him (and you) for the world.