Sunday, February 22, 2009

What crazy mule lady said

If I have to use one word to describe Glen Visser it would be courageous although many other words come to mind such as funny, loyal, loving, caring and compassionate. I lost my own father almost 25 years ago and this man was the closest father figure I've had in my life in that time span.

Many of us here today have spent hours on the trail with Glen. When I first started riding with him I was scared to death of falling off or getting hurt. Even though he and Jeanie were the true "ditch diving mule riders", Glen promised me he would never take me into areas that I was afraid to go into. And he held to that promise until I became a more confident rider. THANKS GLEN.

I distinctly remember a particular ride where my crazy mule bounced up and down on the end of the lead rope-rope burning both my hands-then she flipped over backward onto the saddle. We hadn't even left Glen's yard yet. I guess I should have re tacked the mule but I was so anxious to ride it didn't even cross my mind. We had a good long ride and towards the end of the ride as I was trying to light a cigarette my mule shot to the right so quickly she nearly unseated me. I caught my balance just in time for her to run off blindly with me still in the saddle. Well---I was trying every

maneuver I knew to stop her--along with some very colorful language. When I finally got her stopped I felt terrible about the language. I had used and apologized to all that were present. Glen turned Jenny around and faced me and said,"Girl I would have used much worse language than that." Then I proceeded to tell all who were there, I held on to the reins. I held on to the saddle, but I'm not sure I was able to hang on to my bladder so no fair making fun of the fat, gray headed girl when she dismounts and her pants are wet.' I thought for sure Glen would fall off his mule laughing, but he never left my side the rest of the ride and Jeanie patched my rope burned hands when we returned to their home.

Glen I hope you are listening because I am expecting you to check out the trails up there and have a good place for us to ride when it is our time to be with you again. January 15, 1935-February 10,2009

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  1. There are many stories to be told about Glen Visser. Like cooking bacon over an open fire while camping with the mules. So many rides, so many camping trips with the mules. I think everyone who rode with Glen had some sort of story or joke they took away with them. He always had stories to tell when we rode at his place - lots of history there.