Monday, February 23, 2009

the rest of the florida story

Dad and I completed our hike and we were at the ranch. We were greeted
with the best kool aid I have ever tasted. I do not drink kool aid, but this
was wonderful. We were so dry. We went into the beautiful log house
that was spectacular. The owner was there, his care giver, and his 14
year old son. The owner had been caught in an auger and lost his arms and
his shoulders. He thought Glen had it made.

There were pickups and people all over the place. Their were men(no women) at the big gates with walki talkies talking with others posted
around the place. I was beginning to get a bit nervous. I asked if anyone
could take us back to Lack Marian. This would have taken one hour
round trip. The person in charge(?) said"after the fight".

I am sorry, but I will have to finish this in the morning. I have been
working all day. love you

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