Thursday, February 19, 2009

Afraid to Fall

In 2003 I had a mule called Mandy. She was easy to catch, easy to tack up
and easy to ride. However, if you asked her to gallop she would start
to hump up. I put up with that for several months.

She was a good little mule. We went to Eminence, Mo. with the club. She
even swam the Jackson Fork River.
We were in Iowa Falls for a ride. A bunch of us were out "horsing
around" excuse my French. I asked her to gallop like the rest and
she started to hump up. I said I was so tired of this so I kicked her up
and she pitched me off. I sustained a few fractured bones.

The interesting thing about this is I was never afraid of falling again.
It was really a good learning experince. What is a little discomfort
compared to fear.

Mandy resides somewhere in Missouri now.


  1. I remember you didn't tell any of us you'd fallen for like a week. I came down to Harvey and found a very beat up women! I love that you didn't let this keep you from doing the things you love. I love that you healed up and got back in the saddle. I admire you very much.

  2. that was the most horifing rides i have ever been on.i was the one that galloped off and caused the whole wreck....

  3. Jeanie!! If I culd I would take that all back that was horrible there was nothing i could do!! But i do believe that that day made me be strong and take care of you! I love you i was so thankful when we left the hospital and they said you would be ok!! I love you